Monday, May 21, 2018

19-20 MAY songs

Led worship in both English services.

Here are the songs I led.


P : Good Good Father

Let all creation 
Offering : there's power in the blood
Response : 4th
Closing : This is our time


HP : Who You say I am

Look to the Son
God is great

Offering : Come on and celebrate
Response : (heart preparing)
Closing : awesome is the Lord most high

Friday, May 18, 2018

1 week to IGNITE

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One week from now, I am involved in this awesome conference that is about empowerment to be a shining beacon to the community you are in.

There are some workshop you can attend on 26th May daytime so do drop me PM to find out more!

I am going to speak in two workshops - both are about what I am doing - worship and music. It’s been some time I am facilitating workshops so I hope this will be fun yo.
26th May night session is an open session where you can just join in and it’s gonna be a massive worship party. It begins at 730pm so don’t miss out!

Not forgetting, there are awesome conference souvenirs so come on over to get it too!

Meanwhile, do keep us all in prayer as well.

Anyway, hope to see you at @igniteconferencefcc !!

##igniteconferencefcc #fcclife

Thursday, May 10, 2018

KL journal

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On the night where history was made in this beautiful country, it was special to be singing songs of hope and love on a public platform

Congrats Tun Dr Mahathir for being the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. May God bless you with many years of strength and wisdom to govern this beautiful nation.

Thank you to those came out tonight and Open Mic Malaysia for making me the featured act for tonight.

Next do is the big one which is Ignite Conference. What a time to keep the momentum going. So come come come, drop me a PM about it.

Pic credit : my wife Audrey

Monday, May 7, 2018

Holy Spirit is us

How we know Holy Spirit is in us?

It’s the 3P = It's the person of God, presence of God, power of God

It is in that communion that we can experience LIFE.

Thanks Joeshua for the awesome pictures.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

IGNITE countdown

We are less than 3 weeks away from igniteconferencefcc
All of us who are involved in one way or another are really pumped and excited for it. We really hope you all can be part of what God is doing. As I shared on the weekend, being part of community is where we can experience LIFE!!
So, join us on 25-26 May!
Remember us in your prayers as well, we really need it.
Let’s IGNITE!!

Pic credit : Victor Lee

Wednesday, April 25, 2018



Follow them at instagram/igniteconferencefcc for more infos. Join us!

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Also, go and get our hot-selling t-shirts!