Sunday, July 22, 2018

Rhema Radio again!

This is my 4th song featured on Rhema Radio.

Lost in Love
My life

And now...  Diving deeper

Really grateful how God are using these songs to be a blessing for His kingdom 😊

Please share it around too! Pleaseeeeee

Sunday, July 15, 2018

worship team fellowship

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Wonderful worship team fellowship today. Loved the vibes from everyone, may we continue to honour God together in this ministry

Friday, July 6, 2018


Honoured to call these folks champs, friends and partners in kingdom of God. I am always blessed by their heart and passion for God in the area of worship/music.

I still remember years ago, someone in my hometown church gave me the "SoldOut" album as Christmas present and I remember watching the dvds & listening to the songs in there.. I think this is where I fell in love with you Frenniel Batiancila.. hahaha... jk jk jk...

I also have that "Changed" album too, though I can't remember how I got my hands on it...
On the serious note, their albums is one of those local Christian albums that inspired me to write songs that is birthed for the local church and community. Many years on, a lot of them in there are wonderful friends of mine and by God's grace, I wrote some songs with them especially one particular song which featured in their latest album.

God is amazing, isn't it.. only He can come out with such scripts...

Looking forward to hear more songs from them and partnering with them

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

birthday thankyou note

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THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes!

Thanks to those who remembered, thanks to those who showered me with social media wishes and personal messages. Thanks for the cakes as well, this year I received a lot of them!

Thanking God for His faithfulness for my life so far and only He knows what’s ahead.
To be honest, there are times I feel I am carrying a lot of burdens but that doesn’t stop me from giving up on the visions and dreams that being deposited in my heart. Whatever happens, i believe the best is yet to come and it will come in His beautiful timing.

Meanwhile, all glory to the man up there for past years. Here’s to more from Him.

Once again, thank you all for the wishes for the past one week. Cheers to ya all.

Pic credit: @kenttk92