Saturday, November 19, 2016

#timmydrey day

What a day it has been. The "thank you" list is gonna be super long. yea.

thank you to our family members (both sides) whom have been amazing in helping us to be prepared for today.

thank you worship team for serving with excellence. I can never be any prouder of you all.

thank you Victor Lee and the usher team. every single one of you. you guys are the best ushers any church would be proud of.

HueyYeu Chin whom we entrusted with the responsibility in making sure everything runs smoothly. She served with a lot of heart and deserves a lot of credit.

Kitt Chong and Caroline Lee whom have been very helpful to Audrey in getting everything done as well.

Thank you to those who helped us in making sure every details of the wedding in looking into. Like friends and staff team.

Thank you to the best men and bridesmaid for helping both of us to feel at ease throughout the day.

A huge thank you to everyone for attending and making our wedding day beautiful. Audrey and I have been looking through all the pictures that being uploaded on social media and we both totally love what we saw. All of them are beautiful and we are very happy that you all are able to celebrate this memorable day together with us.

I am sorry if we didn't have much time to catchup with some of you all but thank you for coming all the way to attend the wedding. We would love to catch-up with you more someday.

Thank you also for some of your messages on social media. Thank you for your wishes and love shown.

Most of all, thank You God for everything. All glory to You!

Alright, see you soon Ipoh and KK peeps.

Much love from mr and mrs Lim.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Lemuel's RIVER cover

need to promote this kid. Talented kid and a heart of gold for God. Blessed to serve alongside him.

plus point : he is single too.

Thursday, November 3, 2016



RELENT's new MV is out!! Love this song, the moment they let me hear it. That strokes me to be excited for their new album.

Enjoy the MV, featuring the guys themselves with a host of local artist... spot them!!

If you spot something, do let me know! =P