Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diving Deeper (LIVE)

Something bonus for your hearing pleasure.

Recorded during Saturday service on 29th June, here is the live version of Diving Deeper.


Monday, July 29, 2013


What an amazing experience to be leading worship at ADOP2013.

I managed to spend 7 hours there and enjoyed soaking in God's presence. I led one hour at 3pm, thank God for a wonderful experience.

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 27th-28th July song list

Caroline led worship on Saturday..

Heart Preparation : Refuge

Offering: I got the Joy
Response:  4th Song
Closing 3rd Song

Here is the songs selected on Sunday by Andy..

Heart Preparing : Great is Thy Faithfulness 

Awesome is The Lord Most High
Stir up the hunger
Spirit Touch Your Church 
Eagles' Wings
Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher) 

Offering: Give and it will come back to you 
Respond: 4th song
Closing: L037 - Land after land 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 20th-21st July song list

Last weekend at FCC.. here are the song list

By Mike on Saturday..

HP: You Are Welcome 

Offering : Lord Your goodness
Response : 5th
Closing : 3rd

Sunday worship led by Andy..

Heart Preparing : I surrender all (Hymn) 

Lord You are good
One way
Be magnified
I'll run to You 

Offering : trading my sorrows
Respond: 4th song
Closing: Land after land 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Poll for 2nd album

Let's do a bit of poll..

since we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of 2nd album release, what is your favourite song from that album?

Love to know your feedback. So, make your opinion/vote counts :)

monday post :)


on behalf of the team, we really enjoyed ourselves in Kuching.

Beautiful city with beautiful people

Thanks Garry being a wonderful host. Thanks for the wonderful feedback from everyone there.

A shoutout to my band as well.. one of most enjoyable trip we have..

we'll be back someday! :D

Sunday, July 21, 2013

the year after THE DAY AFTER is launched..


it feels like yesterday that I released the 2nd album THE DAY AFTER which was exactly a year ago. The journey has been incredible so far.. going from here to there.. sharing the love, meeting friends, being a blessing and in return being blessed.

My prayer that the albums will be a wonderful blessing and encouragement to you all.

Be updated over here, there's more to come, I believe

I love God, I love music, I love you all. That keeps me going on

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kuching 2013

See you there! :D

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (official lyrics mv)


It's close to the first anniversary of my 2nd album release. I just want to celebrate all the great things and God'sblessings upon the solo project so far.

Here is one song from the 2nd album, titled THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

It speaks about rising above disappointments in life and facing tomorrow (and beyond) with a positive feeling.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

like a diary

There were some days I decided to listen back to my old albums..

Man, suddenly it spoke to me and moved me.. and encouraged me a lot.

I know most artist/singer wouldn't want to hear their albums again and again. Trust me, I been there before.. i listened to my own songs until want to vomit.

But suddenly listening back to my songs really made an impact in my life.

It's like opening your old diary and read back your post. Seeing how God has bless you and bring you through.

Really. It is.

At the same time, felt God encouraging me to write more songs. Sometimes, busyness and procrastination gets the better of me. But listening back really reminds me of the gift that God given me and I should not stop doing it

To make it better, hearing people's feedback when listening my songs also encouraged me. Hearing/reading how it lifted them. Praise God for that.

I will keep learning and growing and improving. All for the glory of God.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 13th-14th July song list

Saturday service was lead by me..

Heart Preparing  : Once again

O : I walk by faith
R : 4th song
C : 3rd song

Sunday, we had a new worship leader Kitt leading!

Endless light
Great in Power 

All heavens declare  
He is Lord (hymn)

Offering : Give thanks with a grateful heart  Response : 3rd Closing : Jesus Christ is the Lord of all 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 6th-7th July song list

I lead in both English services.. the songs were...

For saturday..

Heart preparing : Christ is enough
THEME : Following Him
Hallelujah Jesus is alive 

O : Jesus Christ is the Lord of all 
R : 4th song
C : 2nd song

For Sunday..

Heart preparing : Amazing Grace/Lost in love

THEME : Rely on Him

This is the day

o : Yes and Amen 
R: 5th
C: 3rd song

Thursday, July 4, 2013

forth the July...

Wow.. how time flies...

Come this month, it will be a year since THE DAY AFTER, the 2nd album was released. Journey has been amazing and really thank you all for the support and encouragement.

In conjunction with that, we gonna have some surprises. Well, stay tuned for it ya! =D

Recently, did some recording with my guitar maestro friend Ah Seng...

We are working on a track.. a special track... for special release. You will know later what is all about. The track will be rocking awesome! 

Although busy in recent times, I been trying to come up with new materials which hopefully can be a blessing to everyone's ears. So let's see how it goes! :)

As for some gigs, if you haven't checked the events page, there are some happening this month..

Will be appearing for the third time in Sol Fontera's Open Mic gig hosted by my awesome friend who is making waves in local independent scene Shaneil Devaser. So, if you love music with a company of friends and food, come join the party.. there are plenty of acts that night.

Sarawak will be one destination I gonna be from 19th July till 21st July. See you there if you are at Sarawak!
On 27th July, will be part of this extravagant event.. called A Day of Praise of Worship.

More info can be read at

Will be on the 3pm slot and apart from that, feel free to join anytime that day from 9am to 9pm.

So.. that's the update for JULY! Keep me in your prayers, keep showing your love!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 29th-30th June song list

I led worship on Saturday..

Heart preparing : Open up our eyes 

God is great 
Diving deeper 
Trading my sorrow 
To You
Jesus be the center

O : 3rd song
R : 5th song
C : 2nd song

Andy led worship on Sunday

Heart Preparing: What a friend we have in jesus 

Battle is the Lord
Nothing is Impossible
You Are Holy
Through it all 

Offering: Give to the Lord
Respond : 4th song
Closing :1st song

Yes.. we just had 4 songs in the main set list.