Thursday, January 31, 2013

psalms 47:7

The thing about different translations of Bible, it does makes you ponder more and search the true meaing of God's word..

Was reading a Psalm this morning.. Psalms 47

Well.. depending what version your Bible is, but my Bible app in my hp is New English Translation and what was interesting is that it says in verse 7..

"For God is king of the whole earth! Sing a well-written song!"

That version struck me. That hey, we need to present or sing "good" songs that is worthy for our King.

Whether it's written by other composers or self-composed songs, this verse reminds me that our songs  cannot be just mere words and melodically awesome.. it needs to be well-written and presentably best.

In NIV, it says "For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise".

Indeed, God is worthy of our praise

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[song sharing] every time I pray by Ng Wah Lok

Love to share a song that was written by my lecturer Ng Wah Lok.

One of the well-known local worship songs.. here is the story of the song straight from the man himself..

The story behind Every Time I Pray - By Ng Wah Lok & Voon Yuen Woh

The song "Every Time I Pray" was written in 1981 for Full Gospel Tabernacle's (FGT) first church camp. At that time, FGT was at her infancy, with only 30 people. Most of the members were young. The leaders were also young at that time. At our first meeting, we raised only a few thousand ringgit which was not even sufficient to pay for the church fixtures. I remembered we were poor and had to sit on the floor at our first few meetings. This was the setting when the song was written.

"Every Time I Pray" is our cry to God for help. It reflected our faith in God that He could see us through all the difficulties we faced at that time. We believed in prayer. The church was built on prayer. Prayer has always been and will continue to be the foundation of the church. Before every major decision was taken by the leadership, there would always be a call for the church to pray for a period of time.

Today, 32 years later, although FGT has grown to almost 1000 members, prayer remains one of the most important activities of the church. Every leader, worker, musician, singer etc. are required to attend the Prayer Meetings on Friday and Sunday mornings. This is a non negotiable requirement. Over the years, there has been pressures on the leadership to remove the Friday prayer meetings but the leadership have always resisted this move. It is still a fundamental belief that prayer is the single most important activity in the Church.

There are several recordings of the song in Taiwan, Hong Kong and United States in the Mandarin language. However this is the first English recording of the song.

I do not know why God has chosen to single out this song to be the most "anointed" among the many songs I have written. I can only guess that it could be because it was written at that period of time when we were weak and desperately seeking God's face. Another reason could be that God really wants all of us to understand the importance of prayer as reflected in the lyrics of the song.

Be blessed by this anointed song :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 26-27th Jan 2013 song list

Wasn't around this weekend, obviously.. was at Tawau.

Gavin led worship on Saturday..

Heart Preparing : Sanctuary

Yours is the kingdom (hillsong)
Shout of the King (hillsong)
At Your Name (Worship central)
I see Jesus (new creation church)

  Response : we worship You
  Offering : 3rd song
  Closing : 1st song

While Mike's Sunday song list...

Heart preparing: Power of Your Love

Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)
How great is the Lord (Diocese of Sabah album)
This is my desire  (Reuben Morgan)
Awakening (Tomlin/Reuben Morgan)

Response : 4
Offering : Blessed Assurance 
Closing : 3

Tawau trip 2013

A fruitful, "food-ful" and fun trip.

The gig started on Friday afternoon where I visited the CF that was organized by Good Tidings. Had a great time to share with students.

Next was later that night at St Patrick Tawau where I was singing in their acoustic night. Had a fun time there too.
Besides that, was able to share testimony and sing at 2 services at St Patrick -- Saturday Night's Bi-lingual service and Sunday English service.

In this trip, God really touched my heart and humbled me to see how God is working among His people and how God use people like me to bring blessing to others. Just amazed at His love during this trip.

Overall, it was indeed a fun trip. Thanks all for coming, thanks all for buying the albums. Thanks all who made me feel at home, thanks to the churches for having me around particularly Rev David Wong (good tidings), Rev Vun Fui, Rev Nickson and Bishop John (at St Patrick)

Much love! =)

More picture at my FB page.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

love actually

Was browsing some of my old blog post in my another blog.. came across this post that I was promoting about the concert in my church.

It was called Love Actually.

Such catchy phrase. And yes, you will think of that movie upon reading that word.

So let me re-edit/re-quote myself about ..



When people are asked “what is love”.. many give answers like LOVE IS KIND, LOVE IS PATIENT, LOVE IS CRUEL, LOVE IS..etc..well the list goes on..

There are no right or wrong answer to it. People answer based on their understanding and experience.

But there is one LOVE that is waiting for everyone else to experience. That is God’s love.

If you tell me that LOVE ACTUALLY is God’s love, you are getting somewhere..

If we truly understand that God is love, then we must understand His heart. His heart that loves everyone of us, regardless of your background, your status, your color.

It’s a love meant for everyone, every race, every age, every gender.

It is all about God and His love that has no bounds, unconditional.

"The world has watered love down to slogans and t-shirts.. lollipop pop songs and popcorn munching excursions in visual indulgence... all of which are fine.. but we throw the word around.. we confuse its definition.. we diminish our understanding of God's command.. love is the quintessential human emotion.. it is the desire of every human being to experience, and in turn express love.. and God Himself IS love.."
(quoted by Joel Houston on

Much love. Cheers.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 19-20th Jan 2013 song list

Here was the songs sung over the weekend in FCC

Saturday service was led by me.

Heart preparing

Heart preparing : Saviour like Sheperd lead me

THEME : Rooted in Him
Diving Deeper (Tim Lim)
I m not ashamed (hillsong)
Glory (hillsong)
Better is One day (matt redman)
Fall (hillsong)

Response : 5th song
offering :  1st song

Am training new worship leaders.. so there were few songs I led the new ones lead. Like Caroline lead the final song for Saturday : Yours is the Kingdom. (

Sunday service was led by Mike Lim

Theme: God Above All
Heart preparing : Once again ( (tim hughes/matt redman)

Rise up and Praise Him (Paul Baloche)
Yours Is The Kingdom (hillsong) (
Call Upon (city harvest) (
Above all (lenny leblanc) (

Responce: 4
Offering : Lord Your goodness
Closing : 2nd

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dad's love

I remember going into my previous priest-in-charge's office and seeing a trophy -- best dad trophy.

It's nothing fancy or solid about it. It's actually a work of art trophy, made by his kids during the Children's church activity.

I can imagine they took time and effort to make that trophy then giving it to their dad. I am sure dad appreciate it no matter how imperfect it looks.

Our Father in heaven also love how we come to Him, bringing our best to Him as we honour Him.

So everyone, keep up the good work in serving Him. Bring glory and honour to His name.

Friday, January 18, 2013


If you are in Tawau, don't miss this.

The event is held at St Patrick's Tawau next Friday.

Besides that, i will be in bi-lingual and English services at St Patrick. Not forgetting actually on that Friday afternoon, I will be at Good Tidings.

So, my Tawau peeps, see you around!

between performing and worship leading

Hear what Paul Baloche have to say and share..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

stay strong

Sharing another devotion I did (actually few months ago)..

Now that I recalled, I shared this in view of the Advent season where we ponder on the coming of Jesus.

Passage taken by 2 Peter 3:1-18

In the world where there's so many lies and deceit, in the world where they trying to guess the end of the world, in the world that is so fragile in belief.. here we are reminded by Peter's writings about few things...

1) To stand strong
Even in those days, a lot of people twist the truth of the gospel. Some mocked the truth. (v3-4)
In view of that, we are asked to stay true and strong (v8-9)

2) To know God has His timing (v10)
Does a thief tells you when he is coming? Well we don't know. Same as God in His coming and timing. We might not understand but indeed everything is according to His will and purpose.

3) To be pure and holy (v14)
As we wait upon the Lord, we should take every effort to keep ourselves ready and not to be affected by things around us.

So in this world full of uncertainty, we are asked to live a life of faith. With that, we need to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord (v18)

Stay strong and grow in the LORD! :)

between practice and rehearsal

Saw this on FB ..

Worship Teams, the difference between Practice & Rehearsal is you practice at home (on your own time) & you rehearse what you practiced with your team. This way you are not wasting your teams' time and band/choir rehearsal goes much more efficient and lastly it ensures you'll know the songs even better. (Ricardo Sanchez)

Something to reflect about as a worship team.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

worship leading tips from Jad

Was reading this worship leading article by a worship leader from Hillsong, Jad Gilles.

CREDIT of this articles goes to Hillsong.

Hope this can encourage everyone in the area of worship leading.


Worship Leader Training With Jad Gillies

1. When worship leading, it takes us getting over ourselves and our capabilities to get the job done. It is easy to think that you are not worthy or not good enough either at your craft or in yourself. However, if the Bible says that the rocks will cry out then I figure we are well able to worship God.

2. Worship leading is more about our leadership than us being perfect singers or amazing guitar players, although we do have a commitment to improving and getting better at what we do because God deserves our best. Worship leading is about having the ability to engage and capture a congregation and lead them toward God. If you want to speak and encourage the people in a service, it is important to know what the purpose of your address is. When you speak, the purpose is to gather and focus the congregation, often using scripture or biblical truths, things that the people will agree with you on will gather them in unity. Once they are gathered in agreement, you have their focus and can lead them.

3. Consistency builds rapport with the congregation, and rapport is necessary. Influence on the platform is built off the platform. Live with integrity and character, and don’t give people reasons to doubt why you have been trusted with the position. Remember, if people can connect with you, they will find it easier to trust you, if they trust you they will follow you. So smile and be be friendly!

4. If you are a worship leader, your main weapon is your voice. Make it a point to invest into it and develop it – be a good steward of the talents and gifts that you have been entrusted with

5. Love the presence of God - spend time often with Him alone so that you know what it is to be with Him and how to get there. All the practicalities of leading worship mean nothing unless you know the God your worship is directed toward.

6. God, His love, mercy and salvation is for everyone! When we lead worship we are not just leading the excited faithful who are jumping and clapping, but we are trusted to lead everybody into His presence. You have no idea what the people have faced in the days or weeks prior to the service. Some need the encouragement to lift their eyes off of their circumstance and onto Jesus. We need to be showing everybody the way!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

to the ends of the earth album

Of all the Hillsong United albums, gotta say this album stands out in my record.
Firstly, it's one of the first worship album that I physically owned.. that time cassette still rules.. hahaha.. kinda forgot whether it was a present or I personally bought it..

I must say this album has inspired my worship and music direction. It's this album inspired me into songwriting and inspiring me as worship leading.

And sometimes I still loop this album. Ok not in cassette form la.. mp3 format...

There are many United albums over the years.. old and new but none can compared to this standard that set in this album.

Each songs really beautifully crafted. The music is beautifully arranged as well. I must say I love each songs in it. Much say this is uniquely done.

A lot of their songs has become anthem of worship in many churches like "To the ends of the earth", "Glory",  "now that You're near"

Tough to choose but if i have to pick songs that stands out for me .. well.. "Free", "All..", "Father I..", "My God" and "Am I to believe?"

Anyway, it's personal sharing and recommendation. If you able to listen to it, have a try and hope you will be bless by it, as I was.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Joshua 24:15

Over the weekend, was sharing to the worship team about Joshua.

(Scripture reference : Joshua 23-24)

God's people have traveled so far over the years to the Promise Land. Along the way, we read of their detours and obstacles. Now at the brink of reaching the Promise Land, Joshua challenged the people of God in few areas where I just want to point out..

1) Courage - Joshua 24:8-10
So many nations tries to bully people of God, but God was with them in their battle. God was indeed with them, so there's no need to be afraid.

2) Calling - Joshua 23:6-8
It's easy to be sway away from the right path by the temptations of the world. Here, God reminded the people (and us) not to be easily affected and swayed by them.

3) Commitment - Joshua 23:14-15
Remember our relationship and walk with the Lord

the key part of the sharing I wanted to point out is in Joshua 24:15 -- "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord"

It's easy to say I follow God and then walk another path. What i love about Joshua's rally cry is remind the people about who they are serving and worshiping. 

At the same time, we are part of a family of God that give our best to Him in everything, every area of our lives. So.. why not be part of an awesome family? :)

Alrighty.. that verse keep reminding me of this song.. so enjoy...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

[FCC ENG SONGS] 12-13th Jan 2013

Mike Lim was the Saturday service's worship leader..

Theme: Grace of God

Heart Preparing : Come Holy Spirit Fall Afresh on Me (

Response : 5
Offering : O How Good It Is
Closing : 2

I led on Sunday service...

Heart preparing :- You are welcome

Amazing grace (MY CHAINS ARE GONE)

Response : 4th
offering : 2nd
closing : 3rd

quote from weekend sermon

"Expect Great Things; Attempt Great Things"
--William Carey, 1792

Was quoted by Bishop Vun during his preaching over the weekend. Such quote is such an amazing reminder that we can do great things for God for He is such a limitless God.

Friday, January 11, 2013

featured on MCSN

MCSN is short form for Malaysian Christian Songwriters' Network.

In their updated page, my profile is featured on their front page. Indeed, praise GOD for the journey so far. Honoured to listed together with all the great local Christian songwriters. This only can inspire me more, work hard, continue to improve my game, humble at each God-given opportunity and strive to be the best for GOD!

You can read more here.

Feel free to share this good news. Once again, truly honoured and praise God!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

to God be the glory

First thought when I saw this.. the famous hymn rings in my head...

Recently went for staff retreat and this was found at the gate of the place we stayed.

Anyway, missed the cold breeze of Genting Highlands.. yes.. it was where we had our retreat.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[songsharing] I see grace by New Creation Church

Recently I carried this song and each time I listened to it, it moved my heart.

Was recommended this song by Bishop Vun actually.

Be bless by this song :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

the burger idea

I always remember this example from a friend.

Music is like a burger. Think that the drum/bass are like the buns.. guitars/keyboard are like the patty.. whatever-other-instruments like the vege.. the singers are the sauce.

Without each other, the burger won't be tasty. Yea.. imagine eating burger without its bun. Still edible but don't you think it can be tastier? What if your burger doesn't have patties and etc? You just eating bun.

So each part compliment each other.. and each becomes a tasty burger, ready to be gobble by hungry human beings.

Music is like that. Without one part of the team, it sounds empty. Sure, some instruments can be by itself like guitars and piano but won't the music be much "fuller" if together with other instruments?

So remember you are part of a team that makes awesome music for God and His people. Never a moment think it's just you. Work together, compliment each other.

Yum.. by the way, I realized I been on burger experiments lately.. always finding out the best burgers in town.. i seriously taking about real burgers. Ok.. that's out of topic.

And oh.... that picture is taken from myburgerlab's facebook page. You should check their place, try their burgers even though there's a big crowd there. Awesome stuff.. seriously.

Back to topic, make awesome music, folks!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

[FCC ENGLISH SONG LIST] 5th-6th January 2013

I was leading worship in both English services.

Here was my songlist on Saturday..

Heart Preparing : Great is Thy faithfulness (hymn)

THEME : Christ our Hope
Awesome in this place (hillsong)
Rock of Ages (Paul Baloche)
From the inside out (hillsong)
Cornerstone (hillsong)

R : 4th song
o :  King of Majesty (hillsong)
C : 3rd song

And Sunday song list ...

Heart Preparing : Victory chant (Bob Fitts)

THEME : Building faith for Him
Touching heaven changing earth (hillsong)
Lord as we pray that your kingdom be here (no reference.. sorry!)
Better is one day (Matt redman.. although I followed closely to Kutless version)
I see grace (new creation church)

R :  5th song
o : 1st song
C : 3rd song

The worship for the first week of 2013 is just awesome. GOD be glorified!!

Really.. enjoyed myself soaking into His presence.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

dedication post to my Eng WT

Today I got to sit down with each group in my English worship team -- musicians, singers, supporting crew, dancers -- to encourage them and share my hope/dreams with them.

I did my best to convey my message.. I tried not to draggy.. but sometimes I felt I have lots to say. Might not be good with words sometimes but.. I shared as much as i can.

Well, some thoughts were pretty straight forward -- Strive to be the best, don't give up. Humble and ready to learn.

Again and again I say this, really blessed to see how God bless us as a team. When I took over, we just a few. Now we are pushing to 50 over members. At first we were struggling a bit, but through the hard times, we grow, we learnt, we persevered.

Most importantly, we set our hearts and minds on God when we serve.

I love this group.. always looking forward to serve alongside them every week. Even though we all have different talents and minds, it's amazing to see how God use all of us to be a blessing to each other, church and community.

Really.. God has been faithful.

One thing I learn over the years is to be faithful in serving Him and God will honor you.

Praise God. All glory to HIM!

Looking forward to see how God lead us on. I believe in HIM, have faith He will do something in us.

Friday, January 4, 2013

another songwriter's thoughts

Recently I came to this thought that I want to improve and challenged myself as a songwriter.

I listened back all the stacks of songs I wrote over the months. Some were good.. if I keep looping them in my head, I think it's great. Some were just.. honest to myself.. average and terrible. I left wondering why i wrote such song.

Even when I turned on the radio, some songs.. honestly.. if you ask me.. are terrible songwriting. I do wonder why they even played on radio. Some are even sung by award winning artists.. and I honestly can't accept such 'lazy' song by them. Few 'pointless' lyrics then some few bombastic beats/melody or some sounded same like any other songs out there. If I able to question them, so what's the point of your song?

I came to a point that I told myself and God that I am not gonna compose any songs till something inspires me and hits me till it challenged me to write something different. Lyrics or melody-wise.

That's why i been listening to all sort of songs to get inspiration. Some did hit me.

And then recently I went to watch Les Miserables. The English literature, lyrics and melody really blew my mind.. I told myself I should write songs like that.

So thank you God for inspiring me.. answering me.. showing me. There's some inspiration right now in my head, thinking how to get it into paper or something tangible now. Hope someday it can see the light for people to experience it.

As a songwriter, I challenged myself not to write songs that are so 'comfortable' to me. Sometimes it's easy to compose and write songs that is soooo you or something that comes too easily for you. And I just don't want make songs that just sells or sound good. I want to compose songs that move people, that inspires people, that touch their soul and also challenge people to think.

So yea, it's a matter of pushing the gifts that God has given to me. Still learning the art of composing but doing the best that I can.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

we can be heroes..

Saw this tagline by Heroes tv series adv. on one of the comic book I am reading.

Felt it's a nice thought to share to everyone.

All of us are heroes in own ways and indeed we are meant to live for something more.

Hope this thought reminds me to strive on for God in everything we do. =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

thank you

Definitely one of the highlights of 2012 is the release of the 2nd album -- THE DAY AFTER.
Thank you all for supporting my solo project =)
Hopefully there's more to come!
May 2013 brings much blessings to everyone!