Sunday, March 3, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 2th-3rd March song list 2013

Saturday service's worship was lead by me..

THEME : Your name
RUN  (hillsong)
Blessed Be Your name (matt redman)
At Your name  (worshipcentral)
TILL I SEE YOU (hillsong)

Offering : BY YOUR SIDE (hillsong)
Response : 5th song
Closing : 1st song

We have a new worship leader in Andy! He led on Sunday and the songs he chose was..

HP :Turn your eyes (Heart preparing)

i054 - I will sing about (WITH YOU)
i041 - in the darkest night (What you've done)
T033 - Trade yr heavy heart (celebrate the Lord of love)
F002 - Father of life (LET THE PEACE OF GOD REIGN)
H021 - Hide me now (STILL)
Offering Song:  1st
Respond Song:  4th 
Closing Song: 2nd

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