Monday, March 24, 2014

worship songs riches

I spend the night listening to worship songs from 70s till latest -2014. As much as I can.

It feels like a trip through memory lane. I remember singing some of those classic Marantha, Don Moen songs when I was growing up in St Peter’s. I remember hearing my dad blasting those songs through his radio at home and I used to inherit some of his cassettes. Not long after, it was Hillsong and Planetshakers diet during youth days. During this times, people like Tomlin, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman stepping up.

I realized there’s so many riches in these worship songs. Sometimes I amazed how God work through these songwriters. These worship songs always inspires each generation but all shares one similiarity – that is to worship our God the creator.

Even a choice, I would love to sing each songs from 70s till now.. but boy, that is gonna take a lifetime. As a worship leader, I am actually spoilt for choices but the challenge is to see how these songs speak in each seasons of church. Heavy responsibility actually so that's why it's important worship leaders capture the heart of God and the vision of the church.

Another thought that streams from my head is how God has bless us with musical and song writing talents. It's just beyond my comprehension and indeed it's a gift from Him. 

All these thoughts inspires me, hoping someday that I can write songs that people will use it to worship Him alone. 

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