Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas mood

What is "Christmas mood"?

Recently, this has been my reflection. Moreover, I was in one of KK's shopping mall with my buddy Ps Darren, called Imago. What really surprised us is that Imago has no Christmas decoration even at this point of the month. It's quite unusual for a Malaysian shopping mall to do so; some even as early as October where these malls have their decorations up.

But is it just decorations, Christmas trees, food, gifts or even snow should give us the Christmas mood?

Christmas shouldn't be just limited to what we see therefore we feel. What if I tell you Christmas is about waiting and anticipating for hope while the world around us is a mess?

Prior to first ever Christmas, the world was in mess and it seems we are condemned to eternal death because of sin. Till God send His son Jesus to us.

The world today is still messed up as ever. So much uncertainty about life, nation and world in general. Sometimes we wonder if ever there's hope. Sometimes we are caught up with our own emotions and negativity.

However, I believe there's hope. It's not naive nor faintly statement. It's declaration of faith.

That's what this season is all about. The season of Advent. The season of Christmas. The season of hope.

Emmanuel. For God is with us.

That, well, should be our Christmas mood. 

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