Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1 Timothy 4:12

Once awhile, I will post here some devotion and sharing I did with some groups that I shared with like worship team, mentoring and youth group.

This morning, I just shared from a verse that really formed the foundation of my faith and encourage me in my serving again and again.

Paul wrote this verse to encourage Timothy in his ministry and asked him not to be fearful. I think same can be said to us even today. Often when we start our ministry, we are really on fire but once we are at that spot, we just shrink and become fearful.

However, the verse reminds us no matter how young we are, never let that be a stumbling block or reason to hold us back from being effective in our ministry. Not just that, we can be an example in everything that we do especially in our speech and action.

In the world where we are pressured by the world, I think it's important that we do not be affected by it but instead to be a blessing to people around us. 

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