Saturday, June 25, 2016

you can call me...

Yet another milestone in my life.

The feeling of officially being called "pastor" is slowly sinking in for me honestly.

The best is yet to come, they say.

Past few days, or weeks, or months, my mind have been wrapped around by a lot of things. From my wedding preparation to ministry and also music. It's all exciting, honestly. Tiring and stress, yes but it's all good and fun to experience the colours of life.

Well. The best is yet to come. We often say.

There is so many people i want to appreciate, past and current, for impacting me in a small or massive way to where i am today. That's the beauty of life, where in each person we meet, we can learn something from them.

God be the glory for this milestone. All blessings comes from Him, it is Him that make all possible.

To quote Spiderman :- "with great powers comes great responsibility".

There's a lot ahead for me to learn and by God's grace, I will keep running the race and will keep doing what I love.

Well, they always say.. The best is yet to come..

Cheers. All glory to God. Thanks all for your prayers and encouragement. Let's work together, all for His glory.

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