Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Psalms 95

Sharing what I reflect after reading Psalms 95..

I always remember what Darlene Zschech always said "worship is worth ship".

Yes, bring a worship that is worthy of our beloved Father in Heaven. Having said so, how can we bring a worship that is "worth ship"?

Make joyful noise (v1-2)
So why make joyful noise, sing and shout?? Is it God deaf or He is so far?
One thing I learnt and reminded over the past few weeks is that sometimes we need to SHOUT God's praise. 
Imagine going to a football match and when your team is winning, you just stay silent. It's just awkward. 

Shouting, making joyful noise, singing is an expression of our feelings, joy, gratitude to our Father in heaven. It also lift our spirits and atmosphere of worship.

Make Him known in our lives (v3-7)
Knowing He is God of all, we should acknowledge Him as God who take cares of us. Like a loving father, a loving shepherd.

Make God pleased (v8-11)
Making God happy and pleased is not just with our music BUT with our hearts, walk, obedience with God. That's one wholesome worship to God

In verses 8-11, there's some example of those who didn't hear God's voice and those feeling rebellious. A reminder of what doesn't please God's heart.

In coming CNY season, family gathers for good fellowship and we enjoy each other's presence.
Same with our Father in heaven who also love to have us to be around to worship Him and please Him.

In conclusion, remember to bring a worship that is worthy of our loving Father as we come into His presence.

PS : Have a good CNY season ahead.. even though I might wish this a bit too early.. aha...

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