Saturday, December 21, 2013


Was busy clearing my stuff and I realized I still keep one stack of birthday cards and affirmation notes that i have accumulated over the years. Mostly all come from my days in youth fellowship at SPC, SMI cf and prefects time.

I realized how much i treasured them. Now as i looked back, i realized how encouragement from years ago have keep me fighting and going on for my dreams and life. In times when i feel like giving up, these cards reminded me never lose sight of what God has planted in me.

Too many names to mention but thank you for writing them to me. Whether it's super simple note or a long essay. Thank you for making the effort to hand make them, draw your own original cartoon or even spending few ringgit on papers. In the area of social media like fb, it's so hard to get such things. Sorry now i have to throw some of them (hehehe) now but your words will continue to encourage me as i strive on in life.

Much love :)

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