Monday, December 30, 2013

thank you Rev CK and Mdm Lily

Here is Rev Chor Kee and Mdm Lily's picture with the quarter look of the English worship team. 

Anyway, i just want to personally thank rev Chor Kee and Mdm Lily for being a blessing to me. I learn a lot from this couple. I honestly spend a lot of time sitting down with them to talk about ministry, God's kingdom and life. I am grateful too that they show so much support to my album project.. I remembered they came to one of my public gigs.

And I am going to miss going to their house to watch football match, cheering like mad and rubbing it at his face when MU wins the match  hehehehhe

For Mdm Lily, really thank God I learn a lot from her especially about worship and singing. She gave me some vocal lessons a few times. Even today before I left, she gave me a lot of encouragement as a worship leader and songwriter. Really touched by it.

Praying God will bless them as they are moving to Thailand.

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