Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exodus 4:1 to 17

Sharing a devotion session I did with my worship team.

Was sharing about Moses from Exodus 4:1 to 17. The thing about him is that sometimes we are act/sound like him. Totally human. 

Here are some few points in this story that Moses did.. well, sounds like us..

1)  Frighten (V1-3, v10)
As soon God told Moses to meet the Pharaoh, Moses was scared, frighten and overwhelmed by fear.
Sounds like us doesn't it? Each time we are asked to do something or face a situation, we can be overtaken by negative feelings and thoughts.

2) Forgot who is God (V5)
Even though Pharaoh is the boss of Egypt, Moses forgot that God is King of kings, the much bigger boss than everyone else. 
We are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions and complains till we lose sight of who really God is. We forget God is bigger.

3) Full of reasons (V10)
Each time God asked Moses to do something, Moses seems to counter it with reasons. 
Like us, we always have many reasons when God ask us to do something. 
Now, if you have a friend always give you thousand of reasons, wouldn't you be annoyed? Well, can you blame God for being angry in this situation?

So yes, basically 3F.

What is amazing is how God can use someone so "weak" like Moses to lead His people out of Egypt.

Here is few things God wants to learn..

1) Let go let GOD (V2)
God ask Moses to let go his staff so God can “use” it.
We sometimes hold on to some things too tightly and we do not want to let go. However, if you let go, let God.. He will perform miracles and change.

2) Trust GOD
God many times ensured Moses about His plan. God also ensured Moses that He will be with him when  Moses speaks to Pharaoh.
Even when we are weak, God send help.. in this case, God send Aaron to accompany Moses.

So don't look down on yourself. Most importantly, don't look down at what God is going to do in your life! =D

If God can use someone like Moses, He can use anyone. 

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