Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fishermen's fact

In response to my own composotion song DIVING DEEPER, I want to share something relating to that..


John 21:1-16
How many of us knows how to fish? How many of our hobbies is fishing? Fishing ain't an easy thing to do or hobby to have but there are few things we can learn from that.

Sharing from the context of John 21 and share some points/facts about Fishermen..

1)      Patience
To fish requires lots of patient.
Christians need to be patient in doing His work. A lot of times we pushed too hard in our ministry or expect our ministry to work like instant noodles especially our evangelism.
At the end of the day, it's the Lord who is at work. Submit to Him.

2)      Commitment
Fishermen wake up early to fish. They work from morning to evening. Some do it nearly everyday to get fish so they can earn a living. For those fish for hobby, well, we do the same - spend time in it.
All in all, to wait for fish requires commitment. If we don't, we never get anything.
Same as Christians when we work for Him. Perseverance, commitment is needed.

3)      Courage
Fishermen need to goes to the sea to fish. Sometimes they might face storms while fishing.
Some fishermen have to dive deep into the seas to fish.
All these involves courage to step out to unknown to reach for something. In ministry, in our lives.. we need that too.

Back to John 21, because of this values, Jesus did a miracle in front of them -- capturing lots of fish till they unable to contain it. God is able to pour out His blessing so much that we can't contain it.

Most importantly, God called us to be fishers of men. There’s something about fishermen that Jesus want to learn. 

Questions :-
do you have the quality of the fishermen?
What are the challenges we faced as fishermen as God?

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