Sunday, November 4, 2012

[FCC Eng services' song list] 3rd-4th NOV2012

Mike Lim lead worship on Saturday night ...

Theme: Live For God
Heart Preparing : To Live Is Christ

Response : 5
Closing: 3

While on Sunday, here is the song list, led by me.

Heart Preparing  : Holy Holy Holy (hymn) 

THEME : With all I am
I've got the joy (can't find the youtube but I managed to have the mp3 to send to my team, if you want, private message me)  
Sing shout clap your hands
Take my life and let it be (hymn)

Response : 5th song
offering :  God is good all the time (by Don Moen)
Closing : 1st song

One thing i find it amazing in this ministry is how God speak to each worship leaders. You will realized sometimes our song list have similiar songs, most of the time unintentionally. So God's spirit moving in His people!

Unless our pastors/preachers request same songs then it can happen.

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