Monday, November 12, 2012

{song sharing} Faith Music

Time to highlight another music locally made.. more so from FCC itself...

Our album ministry called Faith Music.

Started few years ago by a group of members in Chinese service, the purpose of this album is to reach out to the community with their own composed song with heart to reclaim creativity for God. Our God Himself is creative so we want to use the gifts given to us to be a blessing to everyone out there.

The album ministry have produced 2 albums :- Dream and Life Enlivened.

Dream is a full-Mandarin album, the first ever album produced. Received lots of good reviews and it was produced by Jonathan Tse. The second album Life Enlivened was a partnership with local Christian chinese producing house Soulworks. This time around, we do have one song each from English and BM.

Lately we been laying low a bit to focus on our in-house ministry that building new members and training musicians.

Yes, again I say that all the tracks written by the members themselves so here is one track from the 2nd album..


代罪的羔羊耶稣 MV from Zermi on Vimeo.

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