Thursday, December 13, 2012

24/7 worship

Today was reading a devotional article by Nicky Gumble on his website, he was sharing from Revelation 4:1-11.

Was reminded how awesome worship is in heaven. 24/7... now that's a big WOW!

Revelation is always about vision.. imagination can only take us far as we could. No one really can know what's really gonna happen, but what is certain, heaven is an awesome place.

And I always have this thought that how awesome when we all in heaven...gathered on the same platform with all the 'famous' worship leaders like Tim Hughes, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Darlene.. all there to sing and worship God. WOW. that's one big concert there.

He indeed display His majesty for the beginning till the end :- from Genesis till Revelation.

Even in that reading, it shows the majesty of our God.

So.. better get use to worship sessions coz in heaven, we are doing it 24/7.

"Lord, thank you that we don’t have to wait until the new heaven and the new earth to worship you.  Thank you that we can have a foretaste of worship now.  Help us to worship you today and every day for you are worthy, our Lord and our God, to receive glory, honour and power." 
-- (taken straight from Nicky Gumble's website)

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