Friday, December 7, 2012

skill.. so?

Pardon me for little personal worship reflections or sharing from me. I know I only been sharing songs and song list only but I try my best to share more here.

Recently, I been taking a lot of time to reflect about the vision and direction I want for my worship team. I listed lots of stuff... then came to one particular point that got me pondering.

That is being skillful.

That brings lots of question in my mind.

Being pondering on few verses about giving my best to Lord. Singing and playing skillfully well.

So if someone doesn't sings well, will God "accepts" his worship? He sings from his heart right? We are not here to judge someone's worship or some team's worship... aren't we?

Then here is another situation. If the team just play "good music" but not worshipful, we failed too.

But is skillful important? Yes.

God bless each one of us with skills so we should honor Him with it. Doesn't matter if it is one or ten skills, as long as we use it for Him, I believe He will bless us and guide us more. Refer to Parable of talents.

What I learnt from there is the matter of heart when we have the gifts/skill from God.

I think the matter is finding the balance. And also giving the best to the Lord from the heart.

So encourage everyone to sharpen your skills so we can give our best to the Lord, who deserves the best.

‎"Worship is not some performance we do, but a presence we experience"-- A Z Tozer.

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