Monday, December 3, 2012

[song sharing] In Christ Alone by Owl City

There is this song written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend was made popular few months ago by Adam Young aka Owl City. He decided to record this song after one of his devotional reflection.

Here is what he have to say (taken from online article) :-

"Something about this song makes me bawl like a baby," Young wrote. "If I were to count on one hand, the number of songs that have ever deeply moved me, this one would take the cake. Last night I probably spent more time actually crying at the piano than I did recording it. Such are the secret confessions of a shy boy from Minnesota . . .

"As I’m so often reminded what a priceless gift my life is, I ache with everything in me to make it count, so that when I finally cross the finish line, I’ll hear the words, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.'"

Young also noted that the spiritual meat of the song is not "intended to be 'crammed down the throat,' if you will. That is not my intention. This is what I wholeheartedly believe, and to that belief, I remain steadfast until He returns or calls me home."

I am truly blessed by his version. Am blessed to know an artist like him also able to use music to speak his faith.

Indeed in Christ alone, I will trust.

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