Friday, December 14, 2012

friday the 14th

Was reading some worship forum.. and i copy/quote a person who wrote this comment that I thought most worship leaders should ponder about.

I don't understand why people criticize chords, melodies, and word choices in this forum. It is not our job as worship leaders in the church who may or may not choose to use this piece of music to criticize the writers for their choices. (If you can do better, write your own. Or, simply don't use this song.) 
As worship leaders, it is our job to decide for our congregations 
1) Is the song sound in its theology? and 
2) Is it appropriate for my congregation (singability, style, etc.)? 
A song might be amazing both lyrically and stylistically, but not be right for my church. Conversely, I might think a song is "boring" but it could be powerful for my congregation when used in the right spot. What we choose to sing in our churches should not always be about what we like or dislike. 

I always remember advice given to me by

 my mentor many years ago when listening to a new song to determine whether or not it could be used in my church: listen to it at least 5 times before making a decision. A song you might immediately write off could grow on you over time and become a mainstay of your worship service. (Yes, I have experienced this.) You just never know, and every song deserves a chance. These people are writing for reasons that are bigger than you and me. They are writing and sharing their songs with us because God has given them a gift and they are compelled to use it for His glory. These songs glorify God - not the writer. When I think of it that way, it makes me less likely to level criticism, because I'm actually criticizing God. If He is inspiring the music, then it's His and we must be careful to remember to view it as such whether we like the song or not.

So true. May God filled us with wisdom as we prepare our worship sessions.

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