Sunday, January 20, 2013

[FCC ENG SERVICE] 19-20th Jan 2013 song list

Here was the songs sung over the weekend in FCC

Saturday service was led by me.

Heart preparing

Heart preparing : Saviour like Sheperd lead me

THEME : Rooted in Him
Diving Deeper (Tim Lim)
I m not ashamed (hillsong)
Glory (hillsong)
Better is One day (matt redman)
Fall (hillsong)

Response : 5th song
offering :  1st song

Am training new worship leaders.. so there were few songs I led the new ones lead. Like Caroline lead the final song for Saturday : Yours is the Kingdom. (

Sunday service was led by Mike Lim

Theme: God Above All
Heart preparing : Once again ( (tim hughes/matt redman)

Rise up and Praise Him (Paul Baloche)
Yours Is The Kingdom (hillsong) (
Call Upon (city harvest) (
Above all (lenny leblanc) (

Responce: 4
Offering : Lord Your goodness
Closing : 2nd

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