Tuesday, January 15, 2013

to the ends of the earth album

Of all the Hillsong United albums, gotta say this album stands out in my record.
Firstly, it's one of the first worship album that I physically owned.. that time cassette still rules.. hahaha.. kinda forgot whether it was a present or I personally bought it..

I must say this album has inspired my worship and music direction. It's this album inspired me into songwriting and inspiring me as worship leading.

And sometimes I still loop this album. Ok not in cassette form la.. mp3 format...

There are many United albums over the years.. old and new but none can compared to this standard that set in this album.

Each songs really beautifully crafted. The music is beautifully arranged as well. I must say I love each songs in it. Much say this is uniquely done.

A lot of their songs has become anthem of worship in many churches like "To the ends of the earth", "Glory",  "now that You're near"

Tough to choose but if i have to pick songs that stands out for me .. well.. "Free", "All..", "Father I..", "My God" and "Am I to believe?"

Anyway, it's personal sharing and recommendation. If you able to listen to it, have a try and hope you will be bless by it, as I was.

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