Monday, January 7, 2013

the burger idea

I always remember this example from a friend.

Music is like a burger. Think that the drum/bass are like the buns.. guitars/keyboard are like the patty.. whatever-other-instruments like the vege.. the singers are the sauce.

Without each other, the burger won't be tasty. Yea.. imagine eating burger without its bun. Still edible but don't you think it can be tastier? What if your burger doesn't have patties and etc? You just eating bun.

So each part compliment each other.. and each becomes a tasty burger, ready to be gobble by hungry human beings.

Music is like that. Without one part of the team, it sounds empty. Sure, some instruments can be by itself like guitars and piano but won't the music be much "fuller" if together with other instruments?

So remember you are part of a team that makes awesome music for God and His people. Never a moment think it's just you. Work together, compliment each other.

Yum.. by the way, I realized I been on burger experiments lately.. always finding out the best burgers in town.. i seriously taking about real burgers. Ok.. that's out of topic.

And oh.... that picture is taken from myburgerlab's facebook page. You should check their place, try their burgers even though there's a big crowd there. Awesome stuff.. seriously.

Back to topic, make awesome music, folks!

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