Saturday, January 5, 2013

dedication post to my Eng WT

Today I got to sit down with each group in my English worship team -- musicians, singers, supporting crew, dancers -- to encourage them and share my hope/dreams with them.

I did my best to convey my message.. I tried not to draggy.. but sometimes I felt I have lots to say. Might not be good with words sometimes but.. I shared as much as i can.

Well, some thoughts were pretty straight forward -- Strive to be the best, don't give up. Humble and ready to learn.

Again and again I say this, really blessed to see how God bless us as a team. When I took over, we just a few. Now we are pushing to 50 over members. At first we were struggling a bit, but through the hard times, we grow, we learnt, we persevered.

Most importantly, we set our hearts and minds on God when we serve.

I love this group.. always looking forward to serve alongside them every week. Even though we all have different talents and minds, it's amazing to see how God use all of us to be a blessing to each other, church and community.

Really.. God has been faithful.

One thing I learn over the years is to be faithful in serving Him and God will honor you.

Praise God. All glory to HIM!

Looking forward to see how God lead us on. I believe in HIM, have faith He will do something in us.

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