Thursday, January 17, 2013

stay strong

Sharing another devotion I did (actually few months ago)..

Now that I recalled, I shared this in view of the Advent season where we ponder on the coming of Jesus.

Passage taken by 2 Peter 3:1-18

In the world where there's so many lies and deceit, in the world where they trying to guess the end of the world, in the world that is so fragile in belief.. here we are reminded by Peter's writings about few things...

1) To stand strong
Even in those days, a lot of people twist the truth of the gospel. Some mocked the truth. (v3-4)
In view of that, we are asked to stay true and strong (v8-9)

2) To know God has His timing (v10)
Does a thief tells you when he is coming? Well we don't know. Same as God in His coming and timing. We might not understand but indeed everything is according to His will and purpose.

3) To be pure and holy (v14)
As we wait upon the Lord, we should take every effort to keep ourselves ready and not to be affected by things around us.

So in this world full of uncertainty, we are asked to live a life of faith. With that, we need to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord (v18)

Stay strong and grow in the LORD! :)

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