Tuesday, January 22, 2013

love actually

Was browsing some of my old blog post in my another blog.. came across this post that I was promoting about the concert in my church.

It was called Love Actually.

Such catchy phrase. And yes, you will think of that movie upon reading that word.

So let me re-edit/re-quote myself about ..



When people are asked “what is love”.. many give answers like LOVE IS KIND, LOVE IS PATIENT, LOVE IS CRUEL, LOVE IS..etc..well the list goes on..

There are no right or wrong answer to it. People answer based on their understanding and experience.

But there is one LOVE that is waiting for everyone else to experience. That is God’s love.

If you tell me that LOVE ACTUALLY is God’s love, you are getting somewhere..

If we truly understand that God is love, then we must understand His heart. His heart that loves everyone of us, regardless of your background, your status, your color.

It’s a love meant for everyone, every race, every age, every gender.

It is all about God and His love that has no bounds, unconditional.

"The world has watered love down to slogans and t-shirts.. lollipop pop songs and popcorn munching excursions in visual indulgence... all of which are fine.. but we throw the word around.. we confuse its definition.. we diminish our understanding of God's command.. love is the quintessential human emotion.. it is the desire of every human being to experience, and in turn express love.. and God Himself IS love.."
(quoted by Joel Houston on www.iheartrevolution.com)

Much love. Cheers.

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